Pre-production Meeting

This is your opportunity to meet the Director, online or in person, to discuss the project you would like us to produce. This first meeting is not filmed, but allows us to meet and prepare for the interview. We can discuss the general topics or themes that you would like to cover. We will also decide on an ideal location for the interview.

To enhance the film, we encourage you to provide some photographs or home movies that can be incorporated in your story. If not already digitized, we can arrange to scan them ain your presence.


On the chosen production date, we arrive to set-up. We make sure to take the time necessary to record the best interview so that you are comfortable and at your best. The family home or another quiet and meaningful space usually serves as the site for the interview. Although we speak of an interview, we like to think of it as a conversation.

Typically, we estimate between 1-2 hours for the interview with as many breaks as you need.

We bring all the necessary equipment, including cameras, lighting and microphones. Set-up takes approximately one hour.

If you wish, this is the opportunity for us to film any other objects (for example paintings or heirlooms) as well as any other scenes that can enhance your film.


After our interview, we go back into our studio and get creative, editing the footage into a coherent and beautiful film for you. This is the part of the process that takes the most time. Depending on the length and complexity, we calculate delivery between 2-4 weeks after production.

During the editing process, we put the interview together, along with any photographs, videos, or other images that can enhance the narrative. We can incorporate a royalty-free soundtrack (more $ for copyright options) as well as any names and text that you would like to appear in the final credits.

We will consult with you during the editing process to ensure you are completely satisfied with what we have assembled. Prior to finalizing the film, we will show you a “rough cut” for approval before delivery.

Upon completion, we will deliver your Life Film in the High Definition video file format and media of your choice. As well, we will provide you with a password protected link to a secure video website that you can share with friends and family around the globe.

What To Expect


1. Free consultation! The first step is to give us a call (phone or video-link) with any questions you may have about who we are and what we can do for you. We’ll be happy to answer all your questions free of charge and with no obligation.

2. Pre-production meeting. When you are ready, we’ll set up an in-person meeting to work out the details and prepare for production.

a) We will discuss a general structure for the film and discuss some possible “talking points'' and questions to ask at the interview and guide the narrative of your story. For example, you may decide to focus on a special memory, or a particular time of life.

b) This is a good opportunity to talk about possible visuals to enhance your film. We encourage you to select and gather any texts, photos or home videos that you may wish to include. If not already digitized, we can arrange to scan them.

c) Although the film’s style, pace and tone will depend to some degree on how your story unfolds on camera, we can discuss creative ideas for what you want the film to “look” and “feel” like! We want the film to help convey emotions that accompany your life story.

d) We will agree on a convenient date, time and location for production. Typically, interviews are conducted at the client’s home, but it can be in any location where you feel most comfortable to talk.

e) Ideally, we would like to take this opportunity to see the eventual filming location so that we can plan where to place our cameras, lights, etc. The filming location should ideally be a quiet space, away from a noisy street or appliances. A personalized and meaningful background of, say, photos, books or plants can always be staged. All of this can be worked out depending on your preferences.

f) Finally, we will draft and sign a simple contract that clarifies what we discussed, including the services to be provided, and the budget. Most importantly, we will clarify our engagement and responsibilities to you, the client. Again, remember that each project is unique, and we will always work with you to craft the best possible Life Film.

3. Production

a) On the agreed-upon date and time, we will arrive at the filming location.

b) We will bring and set up all the necessary equipment (we calculate about one hour to set everything up).

c) We will go over the topics of conversation or questions that we discussed in our pre-production meeting.

d) When everything and everyone is ready, comfortable and relaxed, we will begin. Forget the camera, let’s just have a conversation where you tell us your story!

e) During the interview you can bring out any photos or other material that you wish to show and is part of the story you wish to tell.

f) Feeling relaxed is key and always remember that we can take as many breaks as needed.

4. Post-production and Delivery

a) After the interview, we will pack everything up and go back to our studio to begin editing.

b) We will be in communication to discuss the film’s progress.

c) We may propose some soundtrack options.

d) Once we have assembled a “rough cut”, we will share it with you for your feedback, and to discuss any last minute changes to the edit.

e) Once you have approved the final version, we will deliver the film in the video format and media support of choice (nowadays this is typically electronically but can also be placed on a USB key).

f) All (“raw”) footage will be returned to you. Only with your permission, may we keep a copy of the final product for archival purposes.

Your Story, Your Film!


  • You have full creative control over the final product. Always.
  • Any non-digital photos you wish to include in the film can be carefully and respectfully scanned in your presence so they never leave your possession.
  • During editing, all footage is stored safely, is never shared, and never leaves our production suite.
  • Confidentiality is assured. During the editing process, we work with the footage but do not share it with anyone. Once the project is completed, we give all the material to you, including all the “raw”, unedited, footage. This is your story, your film. Only with your express consent, may we ask to use segments of a finished film for our production gallery.